Brief Descriptions of Postgraduate Diploma Courses in Animal Science

ANSC 701: Principles of Biochemistry

Chemistry of carbohydrates, fats, protein and nucleic acids of biological importance. Determination of reducing sugars, saponification value of fats, iodine absorption value of fatty acids. Determination of amino acids and protein, introductory proximate analysis, practicals and assignment.

ANSC 702: Experimental Design

Principles of statistics. Experimental designs in livestock experiments. Data collection, interpretation of results in Animal Experiments.

ANSC 703: Research Methods and Computer Application

Estimation and test of hypotheses regression and correlation analysis. Introduction to computer. The use of computer in analyzing research data.

ANSC 704: Feeds and Feeding

Definition of feed, ration, diet, balanced ration, etc, classification of feedstuffs; characteristics of feedstuffs. Proximate analysis of livestock feeds. Anatomy and physiology of the digestive tract of cattle, sheep, poultry and pigs. Digestion of feeds in cattle, pigs and horses. Factors affecting digestibility of feeds in livestock. Factors affecting nutritive value of feeds.

Feeding standards (nutrient Requirement for maintenance, growth, reproduction and production of the various livestock species). Basic nutritional and metabolic processes. Properties and functions of water, sources of water and water requirement. Ration formulation, concept of balanced ration and ration evaluation, economic analysis of formulated diet. Processes involved in commercial feed manufacturing. Feedmill management. Determination of digestibility, digestion coefficients and TDN. Methods of feed preservation. Fodder banks. Utilization of agro-industrial by Products. Economics of livestock feeding. Practicals, assignments and field trips.

ANSC 705: Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals

Fundamentals of cell biology. Anatomy and Physiology of domestic animals with emphasis on the physiology of the cell, nervous system, muscles, bone, circulatory system and other circulatory fluids, respiration, digestion and reproduction. Comparative study of small and large animals. The laboratory interpretation of histological preparations.

ANSC 706: Animal Production and Public Health

Concept and definition of zoonosis. Control and eradication of bacterial, viral, rickettsial, helminth and protozoal zoonoses. Public Health Measures. Meat and Milk borne diseases of economic importance.

ANSC 707: Animal Diseases and Parasites

Definition of diseases and parasites, common types of animal parasites and their effect on livestock production in Nigeria. Protozoan parasites of significance in Nigeria. Effects of arthropods on livestock. Application of chemicals used for deworming, dipping and spraying against various parasites. Effect of disease in livestock production. Detection of sick animals. Major bacterial, viral and fungal diseases of cattle, sheep, goats, swine, poultry and rabbits. Metabolic and Nutrient deficiency diseases.

ANSC 708: Ruminant Nutrition

Anatomy and Physiology of the digestive tract of ruminants. Factors affecting microbial establishment in the rumen.

The rumen environment, rumination, rumen microbial ecosystem. Utilization and metabolism of water, protein, carbohydrates, fats, oils minerals and vitamins; feed additives, antibiotics and anabolic agents. Roughages and agro-industrial by-product utilization, urea utilization. Nutritional diseases. Practicals and assignments.

ANSC 709: Livestock Economics and Extension

The place of livestock in the Nigeria Economy. Micro and macro-economics in Animal Production. Agricultural Production functions including data collection and analysis. Marketing theory in relation to Animal Production. Application of economic theory and quantitative analysis. Concept of livestock extension. The history, organisation and administration of livestock extension in Nigeria. Characteristics of different methods of livestock extension. Government Policies and Programmes in Livestock Production in Nigeria.

ANSC 710: Monogastric Nutrition

Anatomy and Physiology of the digestive tract. Utilization and Metabolism of water, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and oils, vitamins and minerals. Feed additives, Nutrient interrelationships. Nutritional disorders.

ANSC 711: Poultry Production

The life cycle, nutrition and management of poultry with emphasis on breeds and breeding; housing and equipment, management of broilers, pullets, growers and layers. Different management systems. Hatchery management and operations. Avian reproduction. Economics of production and management related diseases.

ANSC 712: Animal Products and Processing

A survey of the meat and dairy industry in Nigeria. Slaughter and dressing techniques of cattle, sheep, goat, swine, rabbit and poultry. Whole sale and retail meat cuts. Dairy products processing-pasteurization, cooling, coring, creaming. Preservation of meat and poultry products. Meat inspection and grading, storage, packaging. Processing of abattoir by products. Physical and chemical properties of milk. Milk sanitation, preservation and merchandising. Dairy micro-biology, care and maintenance of equipment.

ANSC 713: Swine Production

The life cycle, nutrition and management of pigs with emphasis on classification description and characteristics of the various breeds, production principles and establishment of swine farm. Housing and equipment. The different management systems, management of weanling, grower, finisher and breeding pigs. Economics of production and management of related diseases. Products and by-products, management related problems and diseases. Practicals, assignment and field trip.

ANSC 714: Introduction to Fisheries

Introduction to Fishery ecosystems (fresh water, marine and brackish waters). Classification and identification of fishes, fishstock assessment, management system, exploitation, handling, storage and preservation, status of the fish industry in Nigeria. Construction and maintenance of fish pond in Nigeria. Preservation of fish and fish products.

ANSC 715: Rabbit Production

The life-cycle, nutrition and management of rabbit with emphasis on characteristics, classification of breeds and breeding. Mating and selection methods. Anatomy and physiology, housing and equipment, feeding principles and management. Economics of production and commercial enterprise, pricing and merchandising.

ANSC 716: Pasture Agronomy

Classification of Pasture species, problems and solution to animal production in Nigeria, importance of pastures. Climatic and vegetational zones in Nigeria. Classification of grasses and legumes, their utilization. Pasture establishment. Factors affecting pasture productivity. Pasture Management Nutritive value of Pastures. Integration of arable farming with Pasture-production. Pasture Management. Range and Pasture diseases. Grazing management factors. Practicals and Field Trips.

ANSC 717: Sheep and Goat Production

Discussion on the common breeds with emphasis on the adaptation, distribution and productive potential of tropical breeds. An in-depth study of the nutrition, housing, breeding, care, management and marketing of sheep and goats.

ANSC 718: Range Management

Definition of rangeland. Factors affecting productivity of Nigerian rangelands, vegetational zones of Nigeria. Range ecosystems. Range productivity, classification, condition, trend, evaluation and utilization. Livestock management on range. Range rehabilitation. Range management and improvement techniques. Poisonous plants on pasture and range lands. Range and pasture diseases and fencing. Practicals and Field Trip.

ANSC 719: Cattle Production

Classification, description and characteristics of the various breeds. Production principles and the establishment of beef/dairy herds. The cow-calf, growing and finishing operations. Management of caws replacement heifers, cows and bulls, principles of housing and feeding, milking techniques and milk preservation. Economics of Production and Management of related diseases. Practicals and Field Trips.

ANSC 721: Animal Genetics

What is genetics?. Mendelian inheritance. Principles of population genetics. Inheritance of External traits in Farm Animals. Hereditary defects. Principles of population genetics.

ANSC 722: Animal Breeding

Breed comparison, utilization of the principles of Genetics and Breeding in the improvement of farm animals. Design of breeding programme. Selection for growth traits. Selection for reproductive traits. Breeding pyramids (nucleus, multiplier and commercial producers). Different breeding methods. Estimation of breeding value - heritability.

ANSC 724: Reproductive Physiology

The biological basis of sex. Comparative anatomy and physiology of the reproductive tract (male and female) of the various livestock species. Endocrinology of reproduction. Spermatogenesis, sperm structure, output and physiology. Oogenesis and physiology of the mammalian ova. Reproductive cycles. Avian reproduction. Physiology of lactation - Artificial insemination in Farm Animal. Infertility in Farm Animals. Practicals and Field Trip.

ANSC 728: Seminar

Each student will be required to present a seminar on his/her research work. The assessment of the seminar for a letter grade will be done by all academic staff of the department.

ANSC 700: Project

The Postgraduate Diploma in Animal Production Student will be expected to choose and execute a project under a supervisor. The final grade of the project will be based on a type-written report and that of the External Examiner.