Undergraduate Teaching and Administratives Arrangements for The 2014/2015 Session

Head of Research Group
Analytical Chemistry Prof. E. B. Agbaji
Inorganic Chemistry Dr. S. O. Idris
Organic Chemistry Prof. J. O. Amupitan
Physical Chemistry Prof. A. Uzairu
Polymer Chemistry Dr. P. A. P. Mamza
Laboratory Coordinator
Level Coordinator
100 Mr. Z. I. Yashimu/M. I. Abubakar
200 Dr. E. D. Paul/Dr. O. J. Ocholi
300 Dr. J. D. Habila
400 Dr. A. A. Nuhu
Year Group Registration Officer/Coordinator
Level Officer(s)/Coordinator(s)
100 Mrs. N. E. Nwokem
200 Dr. E. D. Paul
300 Mrs. S. Hamza
400 Mr. Y. A. Dalhatu
Other Departmental Officers
Postgraduate Coordinator Dr. S. O. Idris
Assistant Postgraduate Coordinator Dr. I. A. Bello
Postgraduate Diploma Coordinator Dr. O. J. Ocholi
Departmental Examination Officers Dr. H. Ibrahim
Assistant Departmental Examination Officer Mr. M. L. Abubakar and Mr. A. Musa
Secretary of Departmental Academic Board Mr. N. S. Lawal
Assistant Secretary of Departmental Academic Board Mrs. S. Hamza
Seminar Coordinator Dr. I. A. Bello
SIWES Coordinator Mr. G. A. Shallangwa
Final Year Project Coordinator Dr. F. G. Okibe
Time Table Officer Mr. S. Uba
Admission Officer Mrs. N. Nwokem
Officers in Charge of E-Library Dr. F. G. Okibe and Mr. T. Nasir
SCSN - Adviser Mr. M. L. Abubakar
Welfare Officer Mrs. M. Imam
Environment Officer Mrs. S. Abdulsalam
Library Committee Prof. G. I. Ndukwe
Equipment Drive Dr. P. A. P. Mamza
Orientation Officer Mr. Z. I. Yashim

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